Wild And Crazy Sex Laws!!



As I say on here, with What The F*&k?!?! blog you never know what I might come up with! Today’s post is about Wild And Crazy Sex Laws from around the world!

  • In Dubai, even a small pack on the cheek can get you up to 10 days in jail, and up to a year if you are intoxicated!
  • In Utah, you can’t marry your first cousin until you are 65 years old, or 55 if you can prove that both parties are infertile. If you do marry your first cousin before that age, it will automatically be void. WTF?!!
  • In Texas (where everything is bigger LMAO), you can only own up to 6 dildos. If you have a toy chest, you could face a fine of up to 4,000.00 and possibly a year in jail! And in Arizona, you can only own 2!! OMG!!!
  • In the UK, you can get up to 3 months in the pokey and a fine equivalent to 250.00, if you have sex on a parked motorcycle. o.O
  • In Flint Michigan, exposing your underwear with low riding jeans can get you up to 93 days in jail and a fine of 500.00!
  • In California, it is illegal to have an orgasm before your partner! LMAO
  • In Budapest it is against the law to have sex with the lights on….Just WOW!
  • In Little Rock, Arkansas, you can get up to 30 days in jail for throwing out pick up lines to people in public! So Mr. Rico Suave, keep ’em to yourself!
  • In Virginia, it’s a Class 4 misdemeanor to cheat on your spouse! If you do cheat, you could face a fine up to 250.00! Keep yer pants on y’all!!
  • Did you know, you could get into trouble for getting a blow job?!!? Oral sex is illegal in Florida! In Florida, it’s also illegal to have sex with a porcupine HAHAHAHA!
  • In Minnesota, you cannot legally sleep naked with your partner. Just WOW!
  • Fisherman beware! It is illegal to have sex with fish in Minnesota…Errr, WTF?!?!
  • In Bakersfield, California, you can have sex with Satan ONLY if you wear a condom. Hmmm, I guess you better head to the nearest store and buy some if you bury your wiener in Satan! LMAO
  • And last, but certainly not least, in Louisiana, necrophilia is legal. I guess knock yourselves out, huh? :-/

    ~Spook Mama, out! VampireLips





This is a call to help other children. This sick pedophile needs to be STOPPED. He has several profiles on facebook…and is apparently newly married to a lady with children!!! WTF?!?!?

If you care about children, please search his dumb ass on FB and report all his icky profiles. I am going to contact Facebook about him..I hope they can find out exactly where he is and arrest his sick ass. He is stupid, because he send that kid naked pics SHOWING his tattoos. *SMH*

Anyhow, thanks in advance for helping!

~Spook Mama

Just A Side Note…

The people who know me, know I love music. It is a HUGE part of my life. I like most genres of music and the ones I don’t care for, I can appreciate. I lean towards rock/metal/industrial/goth, etc.

Anyhow, I am going to be putting up a page for musicians/music on the blog. I have one interview in the works and I’d love to host A LOT of interviews, music, videos, etc., from bands and/or musicians who are interested! I love discovering new bands! And I love helping them out. Such as my friend Justin Symbol (who named me Spook Mama), I am a HUGE supporter of him, with his band and as a solo artist, (soon I will have some things of Justin’s/The God Bombs stuff up on the music page as well! 😉

So whether you’re an established artist or band, or newcomers trying to get their name out there, I am very interested in helping you out! Just go to the contact page and send me an email. I’d love to hear from you! ❤

I would also like to put up a page for art. So if you paint, do digital art, whatever, and want to be featured on this blog, please use the contact page to get with me. I SO love art too…so I would love to feature you on my blog! 😉

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